Are you fed up with Dating..Try Matchmaking!!

Are you fed up with Dating..Try Matchmaking!!

Try Matchmaking..CABBARITTA.COM

By: Dainty Moore, Professional Matchmaker          

Matchmaking is more sophisticated and with the right Matchmaker like guarantees you a far better experience than online dating. Do you think online dating is here to stay or is online dating getting obsolete? Is it better to work with a matchmaking service rather than continue to be disappointed by unreliable dating sites? I did an unscientific poll on online dating using my sphere of influence as sample population and as a trained psychometrics, and psychotherapist who have completed several tests, the results were a mixed bag. The younger folks in the age range of 18-30 years old said that on-line dating is here to stay and is “not so bad.” The more mature, over 30-year old and professionals are disappointed in this method of on dating and augurs well for matchmakers and the matchmaking industry.

According to Celia Mitchell, photographer and artist, online dating is problematic in large cities and in small towns.  The photographer and media artist posit that “online dating is terrible in smaller cities because your choices are pretty limited, and you have to sort through a lot of truly ugly people, downright losers or guys who are just looking to hookup before you find anyone with real quality. It does happen, though.”  On the other hand, Mitchell thinks that “in large cities like Atlanta, you have other problems. In general, there are a lot of more attractive people here, and I’m actually very impressed by the intelligence level in general. The main problem, though, is that some men just don’t know how to pick up women or would rather play mind games than have a genuine encounter.

Both Mitchell’s experience and my unscientific poll suggest that there are limitations and frustrations to online dating.  My question is, have you tried Matchmaking.  Visit to learn more about professional matchmaking.  In addition to professional matchmaking, Cabbaritta also hosts Meet and Greet parties at different locations in the United States and overseas.

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