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Since one size does not fits all, you can choose the service that is most suitable and will work best for you!

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Meet and Greet – Event-Based Meeting

Attend one of our “by invitation only” events. These will be scheduled as the need arises when we have a suitable ratio of males and females registered for one location. If you would like to attend one of our events you may express your interest at event@cabbaritta.com.
A location will be decided in advance and will be published on our Blog. You may register to attend one of our  Meet and Greet event.  A $100.00 fee plus the fee for the event will apply for non-members.  If you are a registered member, the $100.00 fee is not applicable. A rate will be available when an event is scheduled. Keep watching our BLOG for Meet and Greet information!!!

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One-on-one Introductions

You might just want to meet one or two matches. After your personal interview, one of our matchmakers will be assigned your file and will call you to discuss the best options for you, taking your timeline, your needs, wants, desires and budget into consideration.

The cost for this service ranges from $1000-1500.00

Elite Platinum Service

This is our premium membership. Relax, our matchmakers and personality specialists will do all the heavy lifting. Our team of matchmakers and personality specialists will cater to your every need, will call, email and text you with frequent updates and will take all the stress out of your decision making. This Is Akin to Flying First-Class!!! Enjoy your Elite Platinum membership and have fun meeting individuals hand-picked for you. Our Elite Platinum members can attend at least two of our Meet and Greet Event free of charge.

The cost for our Elite membership ranges from $2000-2500.